Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records) @ The Cantab Lounge (Downstairs)

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738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Ego Likeness are an electrogoth/darkwave band formed in Baltimore in 1999 by artist Steven Archer (guitar, vocals, synths, programming) and writer Donna Lynch (vocals, words, piano).  Supporting Ego Likeness for this show are the best of Boston's female-fronted bands: Sans Nomenclature -http://www.sansnomenclature.net - If you've ever been jonesing for a band that sounds like "The Misfits-mated-with-The-Dresden-Dolls," Sans Nomenclature (thusly named because they are "without a label") is up your alley! Serving up a heavy helping of socio-politically-infused theatrical punk rock and imploring the populace to think for themselves, Sans could very well be the next affront in the revolution! Lucretia's Daggers - http://www.lucretiasdaggers.com - With a namesake derived from '80s cult band The Sisters of Mercy, Shakespeare/Livy-penned poetic biography, and 16th c. Borgia legend, Boston, Massachusetts' musicians Lucretia's Daggers blend darkwave, synthpop, and ambient metal with dramatic female vocals and have brought an arty touch to their "dark lyrical electro-rock for the apocalypse" since August 2001. Liz Borden - http://www.thelizbordenband.com - Sporting wispy pop harmonies and a giant, three guitar wall of sound, the group vacillate from Ramones-style power chord, to melodic complex songs and then pummeling to an even more ferocious kick ass rock and roll. ATTENTION! THE CANTAB HAS LIMITED SEATING CAPACITY, SO PLEASE CONSIDER PRE-PURCHASING YOUR TICKET BEFORE THE SHOW. TIX WILL BE $12-15 AT THE DOOR. GET 'EM NOW FOR JUST $10. http://www.ego2011.eventbrite.com http://www.cantab-lounge.com  

$10 in advance, $12-15 at the door day of show Age limit: 21+