Donni Darko
Badass Bass

Donni Darko  was the founder, lyricist, and bassist of alternative Boston band TALL. In the 1980s, he was a Spit/Axis Boston club doorman and occasional fill in DJ including for a sold out Divinyls show of 2,000 attendees at Metro. Also DJ'd Human Sexual Response and the Buzzcocks at Spit. Disappeared during the 90s, reappeared in 2K doing various private DJ gigs around town, he also wrote for the Boston Noise magazine for short time. In the 2010s he decided to play rock and began TALL, "playing out every two years whether we need to or not". A long-time fan of Lucretia's Daggers, he is not only LD's bassist, but a valued song-writing member/backing vocalist of the band as well.

Musical influences: The Clash, Joy Division, The Black Keys, The Beatles, The The, HUMANWINE, and a thousand others