From the recording Thoughts & Prayers

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Lost here on this lonely island
A normal life seems so beguiling
Keep on trying; just keep smiling
But deep inside I feel like dying

Wander’ing on this lonely island
Millions like me, no denying
We ride the train, but we’re just hiding
A simple life seems so inviting

Chorus (2x):
Angry waves: push me from the shore
Hear them knocking: no one’s at the door
Expectations: always wanting more
Sanity: I’ve purchased from the store

Lost here on this island
The mirage is hypnotizing
Passing ships are mesmerizing
Shooting stars: so spellbinding

Chorus (2x)

No safe harbor…
No safe harbor…


Get me onto a boat
Get me out of this place
Gotta find my friends
Someone who can relate

Gotta find my space
To where I can create
Make a mark on the world
And never be afraid

Get me out of this space
To where I can feel safe
Gotta find a home
When I am so bro-ken

Gotta find my friends
Just give me some hope

Get me onto a boat
Don’t wanna be no island!