LET'S KICK IT! LD's back with a new lineup.

Badass Bassist Donni Darko, Evil Guitarist Artemis Juno, & Snarky Songstress Lucretia X. Machina join Techno-Colleague FOUR for an arty, snarky, electro-rock experience! (11pm) lucretiasdaggers.com

Opening for us -- our beautiful & colorful female-fronted friends:

FrostofDoom (10 pm) - Returning to MA from Chicago! Well-known for her stint in Eternal Embrace, dark alternative solo act Allie Frost fuses synth, rock, doom & ambient sounds accompanied by haunting ethereal vocals FrostofDoom.com

OOTB Resident-not-so-Evil Parma Chai (9 pm) - Parma Chai warms up our summer eve with her hot, steamy, hippy, trippy, vocals, piano, & violin. Also, a delicious drink. ;) parmachai.com

Celebrate the Gallery by donating $10 (or more) to the cause.

Viva la art! Viva la rock! Viva la...revolution! x0x ~L P.S. Don't forget to WEAR YOUR BOOTS! P.P.S. Give what you can to keep the Gallery alive!: https://outoftheblueartgallery.com/fundraiser/